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1.5 Sound 15s11501

Chief Smiley Ricks & the Indians of the Nation

Anyone fortunate enough to experience Mardi Gras Indians, either on Mardi Gras Day itself, at one of the sprawling "Super Sunday" parades, or in some other context, knows that phrases like "folk art" can hardly do justice to the splendor of their elaborate iridescent stones and beaded patchwork, the brightly colored feathers and plumes, the awe-inspiring headdresses, and you can appreciate the many long days and nights of painstaking labor that goes into this "soul-armor...."


Chief Smiley Ricks percussion + vocals, Ivory "Wild Man" Holmes vocals, Walter Harris bass drum + background vocals, Donald Harrison, Jr. saxophone + keyboards, Craig Klein tuba + trombone + background vocals, Chris Mulé electric guitar + background vocals, Gregory Boyd steel drum + background vocals, Andrew McLean tabla drums + background vocals, Troy Young background vocals on tracks 5 + 8, Shaka Zulu percussion on track 2, Johnny Vidacovich drums on tracks 4 + 10, Jim Singleton bass on tracks 4 + 10, Mark Stone electric guitar on tracks 4 + 10, Mama Efuru vocals on tracks 4 + 10, Kenneth Bruce on tracks 4 + 10, Willie Green drums on track 7, Emo Tip percussion on track 7.

Produced by Donald Harrison, Jr. and Chief Smiley Ricks
Year Released: 2001

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