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Camel Race 19327

New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra
Old King Tut

Even prior to Marco Polo's famous voyage to China and his return with a staggering array of wonderful stories and exotic treasures, the Western world has held a certain fascination for the mysterious ways of the East.
The reasons for the ascendancy of the Oriental Fox-Trot in America in the era between 1920 and 1930 were quite logical, both from sociological and historical standpoints. While Western man has forever been fascinated with Eastern culture, this fascination did not become an integral part of Western culture until the Victorian Era....


Bill Luer violin, Penny Shenkel violin, Nancy Donelson violin, Janel Aloise Bruner viola, Danny Cassin cello, Paul Grappe string bass, Phil Read flute + piccolo, Mel Rogers flute + piccolo + alto sax, Jack Stewart soprano sax + clarinet, Bill Hilbert tenor sax + bassoon + clarinet, Ted Dienst clarinet, Jim McGrath trumpet, Pete Wolbrette trumpet, Dexter Thompson trombone, Bruce Pollock tuba, George Schmidt banjo + vocals, Joel Simpson piano, Bruce Miller drums.

Year Released: 2001