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Verve 314537062

Doc Cheatham & Nicholas Payton

Forget about generation gaps. If proof were needed that the spirit of Louis Armstrong lives on a quarter-century after his death, this summit meeting between two of his foremost disciples, separated by a mere 68 years, makes it abundantly clear. Doc Cheatham, 91, and Nicholas Payton, 23, make music here together that is so full of life, so flowingly natural, that words like "re-creation" do not apply. This is contemporary jazz, living testimony to the enduring validity of the discoveries first made in New Orleans at the birth of this waning century.


1997 Grammy Award Winner: Best Jazz Instrumental Solo (for Stardust)
1997 Grammy Award Nominee: Best Jazz Instrumental Performance
Produced by Andrea du Plessis, Jerry Brock and George Hocutt
Executive Producer Richard Seidel
Year Released: 1997

Verve/Polygram Records
825 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY 10019