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Los Babies
Me Acusas

Thanks to all the band members who helped me accomplish this project. Thanks to my family and friends. Special thanks to my brother Jorge Montes for the unconditional help throughout the making of this recording. Thanks to my brother Oscar Montes for all his support. Thanks to my mother Isolina Montes for keeping me in her prayers. Thanks to Vicky for all the support, help and love she gives me....


Roberto Odon Reyes bass, Phil Nieves piano, Ricardo Valladares trombone + trumpet + arrangements, Juan A. Diaz 1st trumpet, Leonel Lugo tambora, Gustavo Guevara congas, Jorge Montes lead vocals, Belko Ramirez lead vocals, Rolando Paz lead vocals, Juan Montes guira + timbales + musical director, Leandro Miranda sound.
Guest musicians: Danny Flores saxophones on tracks 1 + 3 + 6, Javier Valladares trumpets on tracks 3 + 7 + 8, Daniel Enamorado piano on tracks 7 + 8 and trumpets on track 6, Edas Beltrand piano + bass on tracks 2 + 4, Domingo Sandoval vocals on track 4, Jairo Sandoval chorus on track 4, Salvador Lorenzana vocals on track 5, Oscar Montes chorus on tracks 1 + 3.

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Juan Montes

For further information, write :
Juan Montes Productions
366 Metairie Heights, Metairie, LA 70001
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Tel: 504.669.5540, 504.837.3533