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Jeremy Lyons & the Deltabilly Boys
Live at Fribourg

Gratuitous thanks go out to everyone already listed, as well as to the producers and technicians of Jazz Parade, and all our Swiss friends; also to Dave Stover, Gary Edwards, and again to Andrea, all of whom helped this project come together.....


Jeremy Lyons guitar + lead vocals + washboard, Paul Joseph "Agiullard" Santopadre drums, Gregory Stefan Schatz accordion, upright bass (tracks 2-8, 12) + backing vocals, A.J. "The Silver Fox" Strauss III piano trumpet + upright bass (tracks 10 &11) + rhythm guitar (track 7) + backing vocals, Steve Lewins upright bass + backing vocals (tracks 1 & 13)

Year Released: 2000
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Jeremy Lyons
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