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Fat Possum 80338

Scott Dunbar
From Lake Mary

Scott Dunbar: born 1904, son of an ex-slave, on Deer Park Planation between the Mississippi and Lake Mary (an eleven mile cut-off arm of the River) west of Woodville and south of Natchez, Mississippi. He made a guitar out of a "cigar box and a broomstick and some stream wire" when he was eight and played it like a violin. When he was ten he acquired a real guitar and began teaching himself to play. "My father died," he says, "and then my mother moved to Natchez and she died, and I came on this side of the Lake and I been livin' on this side ever since... Old Lee Baker, he played fiddle, and he came over and said 'Comere, boy, I want to hear you play that gittar,' and he brought me on this side to play with his band."


Scott Dunbar, guitar + vocals

Year Released: 1970 + 2000
All songs traditional arranged by Scott Dunbar
Produced by Parker Dinkins

For further information, contact
Fat Possum Records
P.O. Box 1923, Oxford, MS 38655