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Audiophile ACD-335

Joyce Breach
Remembering Mabel Mercer With the Keith Ingham Trio, Vol. 3

This CD celebrates a time and place that feels distant indeed. It centers around the 1950s, a decade when countless people came from small towns to a big town - Manhattan - to be sophisticated. Those were the days when Cole Porter was the patron saint of every chic New Yorker; when songwriting, good or bad, was a craft built on absolute precision. The half-rhyme wasn't allowed. It was a time when small things - from the mom and pop store in Greenwich Village to the little East Side cabaret - still mattered and were allowed to flourish. Natty dress was de rigueur at a theatre or nightclub; singers hinted at sex but seldom got explicit. The atmosphere was polite, and much went unsaid....


Joyce Breach vocals, Keith Ingham piano + arrangements, Jeff Tillman guitar, John Beal bass, Russell George violin, Laurie Goldstein bassoon, Robin Bushman violin (on tracks 1, 3 and 9).

Produced by Joyce Breach and Keith Ingham
Executive Producer: George H. Buck, Jr.
Production Coordinator: Wendell Echols
Cover Portrait: Robert W. Richards (with a special thanks to Burt Goldblatt)
Cover Design: Eric Kohler
Booklet Interior Layout Graphic Design: Sharon Wendel
Photographs of Miss Mercer: William Roy and Bobby Short from the private collection of the late Loomis McGlohon
Text: James Gavin
Year Released: 2006

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