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A.J. Loria: King Nino
Louisiana Lounge Lizard

I get a call from Morita Yoshinobu, in Tokyo, saying that this big guy, drummer, basically the Art Blakey of Japan, has my two CDs, enjoyed our short conversation backstage at the Ureshino Jazz Festival, and would like to record something with me...furthermore, so does Mike Kosuke, highly revered saxophonist on Polydor...I say "great, wow" and call Ivan Bodley, big bass buddy, in Brooklyn, because these two guys are coming to New York soon, and Ivan's been doing great recordings at Jim Clouse's too-cool studio there... I fly up... Yoshi & I stay at Anthony & Jamie's, on 54th St.....


Vocal + piano A.J. Loria, saxophone Mine Kosuke, bass Ivan Bodley, drums Furusawa Ryojiro.

Year Released: 2000
Produced by A.J. Loria and Ivan Bodley

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