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ARS 1001

Hobson's Choice
New Horizons

Special thanks to: Jack Berry, Simon Fraser, Kent Birkle, George Piazza, Nick Sanzenbach, Stan Elder, Mike Mayeaux, Steve Hill, Dave Sandberg, Jeff Aldridge, Jack Groetsch, Jimmy Robinson, Fran Comisky, Paul Clement, Karen Eblin, Johnny Vidacovich, Lu Rojas, Steve Daffner, Jimmy Glickman, Kenny Claiborne, Steven Larson, Kitty and Miranda Lesli, Stephen Randall and brother Dan. The music of this CD is dedicated to Catherine W. Stocker.


Richard Bird guitars + vocals, David Stocker piano + hammond organ + synths + vocals, Joel Webb bass, Tom Larson drums, Mark Whitacker percussion.

Year Released: 1997
All compositions published by Hobnobin Music (ASCAP)

For more information contact:
Hobnobin Music, 61 French Market Pl., New Orleans, LA 70116
Tel: 504.529.5559