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Lars Edegran Presents Cookie Gabriel

This CD is a true New Orleans gumbo. The ingredients include a Creole New Orleans singer, a band whose members come from as far afield as Sweden and England, a range of tunes that vary from jazz standards through gospel and the blues to juke box hits of the 30s and 40s, and a style that might best be described as swinging good time music with a solid beat. The roux - that's the base which gives the gumbo its color, depth and character - is the city of New Orleans itself and the cultural renaissance now under way that brings musicians, painters, poets, and really good cooks here from the four corners of the earth. Take a taste! We know you'll enjoy it!


Cookie Gabriel vocals, Lars Edegran piano + guitar + banjo, Dwayne Burns trumpet, Tom Fischer clarinet + tenor saxophone, Mike Owen trombone, Bernie Attridge bass, Gerald French drums.

Produced by Lars Edegran
Year Released: 1997

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