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Oscar Washington's New Wave Brass Band
Life Styles in Traditional Jazz

We have come this far through the love, faith, and understanding of God and knowing that he will see us through all our trials and tribulations. The band would like to thank all of our family members for their support and patience. Our families were understanding and considerate during the times we were away from them for hours of practice and travel. A special thanks to Bridgette Turner and Nicholas Allen.


Oscar Washington vocals + snare drum, Aaron Paulin bass drum + cymbals + vocals, Ronell Johnson trumpet + vocals, Philip Paulin trombone + vocals, Scott Paulin trombone + lead vocals, Dwayne Paulin clarinet + lead vocals, Ricky Paulin alto saxophone + vocals, Julius Lewis tenor saxophone + vocals.

Produced by Nina Buck
Executive Producer: George Buck
Photographer: Russell Gore
Graphic Design: Yann Keesing
Year Released: 1999

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c/o GHB Jazz Foundation, Inc.
61 French Market Pl., New Orleans, LA 70116
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