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BM 101

Bamboula 2000
Cultural Warrior

Evoking the word, Bamboula, conjures up images of exotic West African, Caribbean and New Orleans ritualistic dancing and drumming performed two hundred years ago. In New Orleans' Congo Square, the Bamboula was a very sensual dance of love performed by a man or woman, played on long, deep-toned drums. The Bamboula is one of the most significant dances and rhythms in the African diaspora because it functioned as a cultural bridge between Africa and the Caribbean during the slave trade. Today, the syncopation of the Bamboula can be heard in the voodoo rhythms of Haiti, zouk music of Martinique, the calypso of Trinidad, dance hall music of Jamaica, and in the second-lines and Mardi Gras rhythms of New Orleans...

Produced by Khalid A. Hafiz and Bamboula 2000
Executive Producer: Luther Gray
Year Released: 1996

For further information, contact:
Bamboula 2000 Music
7245 Claridge Court, New Orleans, LA 70127
Tel: 504.241.3812