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Ben Manuel
Upon Wearing Reality's Hat

Ben Manuel, thank you's:
I wish to thank the following for their contributions to this project:
First and foremost Casey "Puff Daddy" Campbell, you are the tone master - I had so much fun. You're a great engineer and friend. Joe Manuel, no one has influenced me more than you, you're a great musician, songwriter and brother. Ben Davis, super amigo, your insight and playing added more than you know to this project! Peter Simone, thanks for the Presonus gear it was an asset, (PRESONUS ROCKS), keep writing those gems! Micah Nickens - thanks for the fretless. Steve Morvant, thanks for the Korg and various and sundry equipment and for all your support. Jason Ebeyer and the BCM, thank you for letting us use the facilities and thanks for being such a great friend to the University!

Guest Musicians

Ben Davis drums + percussion (tracks 1,2,5,6,8), Chris Talley banjo + solo mandolin (track 7), Keith Cole upright bass (track 7), Crispin Schroeder organ (track 8), Kelly Andino violin (track 1), Britt Cantrell horn section (track 2), Lacey Blackledge, Gary Becker, Casey Campbell all backing vocals (except track 2).
Produced by Ben Manuel and Casey Campbell
Year Released: 2003

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