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Maurice Brown
Hip to Bop

A few years back on one of my infrequent visits to New York City, I was visiting my son Wynton and there were two young musicians with their instruments in his apartment; a saxophonist and a trumpeter. In keeping with Wynton's pedagogical personality we started an impromptu jam session. Shortly thereafter, Wynton launched into a critique of these young musicians performance that was fully designed to pass on information that would be invaluable to them from then to perpetuity. I departed New York the next day with no expectations of ever seeing either again....
Much to my surprise I saw the trumpet player, Maurice Brown, in New Orleans. Since coming to New Orleans, Maurice has been busy becoming part of the small but esoteric modern jazz scene. He has recently begun hosting early morning jam sessions at New Orleans premier jazz club Snug Harbor and is also playing a regular Tuesday night set with his own group. The more I listen to him play, the more I am impressed with this young Chicago transplant.... Ellis L. Marsalis, Jr., July 2004


Maurice Brown trumpet + wah wah, Derek Douget tenor saxophone, Doug Bickel piano + B-3 + Wurlitzer, Jason Stewart bass, Adonis Rose drums, Bill Summers percussion (track 2).

Produced by Maurice Brown
Art and Illustration: Jamar Pierre
Photography: Romney
Studio Photography: Abigail Ramos
Graphic Design and Manufacturing: Brianna Guerin
Year Released: 2004

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