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Banks Street Records BSR-02

Kim Carson

Thanks to all who gave their time and talents to making this project. Special thanks to Billy Madere for his guidance and the band 3rd Echo for their generosity. To Angela Landram & John F. Kraft for their vision and ability to make something special with no time and little to work with. To Reuben, thanks for bustin' your butt for me, and to Antoine for helping him, and to Chris Still for helping us on the road. To Douglas Waguespack, thanks for staying with me and not giving up on the dream and to my family, thank you all for your encouragement and support.

Year Released: 1998
Produced by Kim Carson, except "Tell Me I'm Wrong" produced by Bill Davis

For further information, contact:
Banks Street Records, Inc.
4516 Banks Street, New Orleans, LA 70119
Tel: 504.486.7322
Management: Reuben Williams at Thunderbird Management
Tel: 504.537.2221