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Basin Street BSR0202

Los Hombres Calientes
Bill Summers, Irvin Mayfield, Jason Marsalis, Vol. 2

...Indeed, this album is groundbreaking in its attempt to address music as a composite, not in genres or along political lines. Whether they are playing jazz, samba, mambo, tango, songo, yuka or whatever, Los Hombres Calientes are, as Summers likes to say, "on a quest to bring the musical world together."


Jason Marsalis:
drums (timbales on Fongo Sunk, caixa, tamborin on Blues de Enredo)
Irvin Mayfield: trumpet
Bill Summers: percussion & vocals, bata, congas, timbales, shekere, quica, bongo, cabasa, ganza, surdo, nyabingii, hindewhu, pandeiro (lead vocals on Suite Obatala, background vocals on Rasta Renegade, Suite Obatala, A Comer Y a Descarga, Alabi Oyo E)
Victor Atkins: piano
Edwin Livingston: bass
Yvette Summers: percussion & vocals, clave, shekere, bell, agogo, guiro (background vocals on Alabi Oyo and Suite Obatala)
Year Released: 1999
Produced by Bill Summers
Executive Producer: Mark Samuels

Basin Street Records
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Tel: 504.483.0002, 504.483.7877 (fax)