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Basin Street Records BSR0801

Henry Butler
The Game Has Just Begun

My mother was a strong woman, and I admire strong women. My mother had to be strong in those days coming up in the south. We were very close - she was strong - sometimes very tough with her love and sometimes surprisingly very sensitive. I thought she was wise in some of the things she did. She got me into school on time, for instance, and of course in the '50's, that wasn't something you take for granted - having a blind son in the south....


Henry Butler vocals + acoustic piano + programming and performance of electronic keyboards + drum sounds + bass sounds + harmonica sounds and all other sounds not otherwise listed, June Yamagishi electric guitar + solos (tracks 1-4, 7-8, 11), Raymond Weber drums + percussion (tracks (1-5, 8, 11), Shane Theriot electric guitar (tracks 3-4).

Year Released: 2002
Graphic Design by Majikmine
Produced by Henry Butler
Executive Producer Mark Samuels

Basin Street Records
4151 Canal Street, Suite C, New Orleans, LA 70119
Tel: 504.483.0002, 504.483.7877 (fax)