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Varn Juhl C15094W-K31

12 Degrees

Thanks to these people: Lisa Wright, Trey and the others, Robert Burns, Melvin Volz, Harold Marcho, David Triginoiski, Barry C., Jim Peterson @ DigiDoc, Festival Studios, Mike at Spice Records, Jason Deer, Wil Sinda. Erica Thure S.L.C., William Summers, Greg Bosie, Robinson Mills, Mike Paz, Busta, Robert Sanchez, Mark Mann, Roy Marcho, James Stone, Ultrasonic Studios, Scott Rob, Jimmy and all the bands we did gigs with.

Produced by William Roe, except The Arms of Spring + Believer produced by William Roe + Tony Serio
Year Released: 1997

Varn Juhl Independent Records
141 Robert E. Lee Blvd., No. 383, New Orleans, LA 70124
Tel: 504.288.7361