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Kitty Cleveland

Special thanks to: Malcolm Lanius for going above and beyond the call of duty, and for writing such beautiful arrangements; Mel Rogers for playing so perfectly, and for FREE (but then again, he's my husband): Karl and Kiersten for letting me be their stepmom; Debbie Cross for her long trek from Florida and her passion for praising God in music; Connie Cleveland for being my "spiritual mother" (even though she's my kid sister); Beth, Trish, Caroline, and Katie for letting me sing at home (even if it was in the closet); Annette Hatty for her enthusiastic belief in me and her beautiful heart for Christ....


Kitty Cleveland vocals + background vocals, Joey Cleveland background vocals, Mel Rogers oboe + English horn + flute + penny whistle, Malcolm Lanius keyboards + percussion, Shawn Manguno drums + percussion, Karen Jung cello, Allen Nisbet cello on "The Gift of Love", Jay Griggs bass + guitars, Debbie Cross guitar on "Refiner's Fire" and "As I Kneel"

Year Released: 2000
Produced by Malcolm Lanius and Kitty Cleveland

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