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Circle CCD-907

Clarence Williams + His Swing Band 1937
Get on Board, Li'l Chillun

Pianist-songwriter Clarence Williams was one of the true pioneers of jazz. He was one of the first black music publishers and he was involved in the "race" record industry virtually from its beginning. During his lifetime he was praised as a visionary and denounced as a horse thief with equal regularity, but he continued to move through the music industry for over thirty years until he was finally forced into inactivity by declining health....


Clarence Williams piano + vocals, Ed Allen trumpet, Buster Bailey clarinet, Russell Procope alto saxophone, Cecil Scott tenor saxophone, Richard Fulbright bass + vocals, Cosy Cole drums + washboard, Bill Cooley vocals.

Year Released: 2001
Production Coordinator Wendell Echols
Cover photograph by Frank Driggs
Text by Paige van Vorst
Recorded by Cy Langlioi for Lang-Worth Feature Programs, Inc. in New York City on April 29, 1937 and October 27, 1937
Executive Producer: George H. Buck, Jr.

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