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Circle CCD-907

Swingin' Haymakers
For Rent

Swinging Haymakers - Square Riot. That was the title I had dreamed for this CD from the time it was a mere figment of my boundless imagination. An oblique reference to the Chicago labor riot of the 1880s would stand me in good stead with... well, I wasn't sure who. However I felt at least I was putting my history degree to good use and surely people all over the country would be saying "Oh, I get it Haymaker, Haymarket... someone sure is clever!"


Kim Roberts-Davis vocals, Bill Davis rhythm guitar, Michael Rouillier lead guitar, Harold Cavallero steel guitar, Joey Torres drums, Dave Clements bass guitar. On tracks 7 +12 + 17 Bill Davis acoustic guitar, Kim Roberts-Davis vocals

Year Released: 1995
Produced by Richard Bird
Cover design by Tony Pierce
Executive Producer: George H. Buck, Jr.

Circle Records
c/o GHB Jazz Foundation, Inc.
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