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Stomp Off CD1367

Duke Heitger's Big Four
Prince of Wails

Recording a quartet poses some inherent problems. Without the full band that we are accustomed to hearing, a small group recording might sound a little thin and lack versatility. But in the words of my good friend Charlie Devore (great cornet player from the Hall Brothers Jazz Band), "The elements of meaningful expression can be distilled to its basic essence using just a few well informed players." I hope that we were successful in this venture.


Duke Heitger trumpet + vocals, Evan Christopher clarinet + alto sax, John Gill banjo + guitar + vocals, Tom Saunders tuba + string bass.

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Bob Edros

For further information, write:
Stomp Off Records,
P.O. Box 342, York, PA 17405