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Chris Driesbach
After the Storm

We have seen the mighty hand of God among us and it is marvelous in our eyes. Last year a hurricane came along and destroyed our church and scattered our members across the country. It was over. But God reached down with His mighty hand and touched us. He healed our church. He did it the way he apparently likes to do things like this, through His people. And you, His people, responded in overwhelming fashion. (Our God doesn't do things half-way). Through you, your gifts, time and prayers, our fellowship hall, parsonage and chapel have been rebuilt and many of our members have been helped to come home. You have been the hand of God among us. We have seen it and it is marvelous in our eyes. For that we thank you. - Pastor David Sternhagen, Crown of Life Lutheran Church, 11721 Morrison Road, New Orleans, Louisiana.


Chris Driesbach - vocals, keyboards and guitar.

All songs written by Chris Driesbach and published by Crystal Chad Music Publishing
Produced by David Dale Sternhagen
CD design and manufacturing: Diana Thornton, Crescent Music Services
Photography: Rusty Cowart
Photographer's assistant: Christian Cowart
Year Released: 2006

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