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LuvMo Music CL430Y3

Cynthia Liggins Thomas
Reason to Live

All Praises and Honor to You my God, my Lord, and my King... You are truly the Reason I Live and Breathe and have my Being... I Love You.

To my husband, Averriel Michael Thomas, Sr., you are "the man"... I bless God for you and our three darlings, Joy, Averriel, Jr., Luke. You give my life excitement, beauty and substance. I love you with everything in me.

To my loving Family... Words cannot express my gratitude for your "forever" love and support. I love you with my whole heart. Thanks for never giving up on me and loving me "anyway." You are the epitome of "family."

Cover Design: Toni-Scott Daniel for TSD Design, Atlanta, GA
Photography by J.R. Thomason
Hair by Cathy Broussard
Makeup by Brandi Gomez Duplessis
Manufactured by LuvMo Music, LLC
Distributed by Central South Distribution, Inc. and LuvMo Music, LLC
Year Released: 2003
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Trailblazer Marketing
P.O. Box 1578, Harvey, LA 70089
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