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Wardell Quezergue
A Creole Mass

You may not know his name but you sure know his work. For over 45 years, Wardell Quezergue - arranger, composer, and conductor is the man behind an amazing number of New Orleans and America's music. When an authentic New Orleans groove is needed, musicians such as Stevie Wonder, Dr. John, Paul Simon, Fats Domino, and countless others call Wardell Quezergue....

Individual Vocal Solos

Melania Conrad soprano, Brian Stratton tenor, Todd McKnight child solo
Instrumental Solos

Sam Henry piano + Hammond B3, Moses G. Hogan piano, David Torkanowski Hammond B3 + synth, Alanzo Bowen tenor sax, Tony Dagradi flute + alto sax, Jerry Embree soprano sax

Symphony Chorus of New Orleans directed by Stephen Edwards
Moses Hogan Chorale directed by Moses G. Hogan
Ursulines Academy Choir directed by Karen Jakiela

The First Choir: Theo Borgeous, Joe Bernardi, Nelson Francis, Martha Francis, Handy Gaylord Raymond, Zenobia Stewart, Joan Broekhoven, Michaela Morrissey, Ronnie Redmann, Irlee Redmann, Gary Foster, Kenny Allen

The Orchestra: Sam Henry piano + organ, Leo Williams guitar, Jay Griggs guitar, Bernard Johnson drums, Herman LeBeaux drums, Charles Moore bass, Tony Dagradi flute + alto sax + tenor sax, Carl Bluin baritone sax, David Sager trombone, Ron Benko trumpet, Jeremy Davenport trumpet, Rosa Lie Washington tambourine
Principal Soloists

Rev. Cynthia Wilson soprano, Bobbie E. Wilson Sr. tenor, Gary Foster tenor, Alfred Walker bass-baritone, Moses G. Hogan piano
Year Released: 2000
Produced by Bubby Valentino
CD Art by Nilo Z. Lanzas
All Hymns Written and Arranged by Wardell Quezergue

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Bubby Valentino at (504) 908-1102