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CSP Records CSP-1013

Wayne Foret and the Rockin' 50s
Through the Years

Wayne Foret and the "Rockin 50s" was first performed in 1963. Because of my deep love of music, I have always dreamed of becoming a performer. I started off by going to local dances and nightclubs where one of my best friends was already in the music business. I would go up on stage and sing a few songs with him and before I knew it I was on my way. Even though I had no musical background, I started buying musical equipment and kept trying to learn how to play. It was not an easy task to fulfill, but many hours and self-determination put me where I am today.

In 1985, my first two written and recorded singles, "Oh Darling Forever" and Begging You Please" were released and became huge successes. These singles were also major factors in making my band as well recognized as it is today....

Licensed to CSP Records
Distributed by Gonzales Music Wholesale
Year Released: 1997

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