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Big Train
Roll On Big Sister

Big Train would like to thank the following people who helped make this record come to life: Eve Muir, Chris Norris, Matt Dorman, Hair by Theo, Mike Bass, George Buck, Houcine Harrabi and the staff at ARS, Jimmy Glickman and the staff at New Orleans Music Exchange, Reid Wick and the staff at STR Digital, The Healthy Families Project of Las Vegas, NV.

Craig Caffall lead vocals + guitars + piano + mandolin + synths, Jane Gabka oboe, Kevin Aucoin drums + percussion, Dave Carbonara bass + upright bass, Mark "Birdawg" Dillon Hammond organ + accordion.

Guest Musicians
Dave Rosen cello, Dave Rebeck viola, Dino Noto saxophones, background vocals Staci Schmidt + Scott Schmidt + Karlene Arena
Year Released: 1999
Executive Producer: Eve Muir

For further information, contact:
Curly Waffles Records
P.O. Box 15738, New Orleans, LA 70175