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Doug Duffey Music DDM001

The Doug Duffey Band Live

For quite a while a lot of you have been asking for a cd that sounds like we sound 'live'. Well, here it is in all its naked glory! As the saying goes ... "you asked for it... you got it!" In the past three years I've released two studio CDs, but neither captured the energy, or spontaneity of my live concerts, so, for that reason, and at your request, this cd has come about...


Maarten Zwarts drums, Rene Dissel + Marco Dirne bass, Andrew Vroomans + Hans Klein + Frank Burks guitar, Mats Meyer saxophone, Simone Roerade + Melissa T'Hart + Andrew Vroomans background vocals, Doug Duffey lead vocal + piano + clavinet + organ

Produced by Doug Duffey
Year Released: 1996

Doug Duffey Music
2196 Prairie Road, Monroe, LA 71202-8175