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Albert Storo & The Soul Hustlers
Gettin' Down & Nasty

Well, here it is - the release of my first CD. Prior to this front-man project, I've had the pleasure of working as a drummer (for the most part) with some really great bluesicians over the years including Bobby Parker, Sherman Robertson, W.C. Clark, Little Jimmy King, and Trudy Lynn, and have jammed with many others. All of these artists have had their own thing goin' on - their energies, identities, stylings and their own unique way of bringing life to the show. One common thread of artists of this caliber is that when you hit that stage you always put out over 100% all the time - no exceptions, no compromises...

Art concept, design and layout by Albert Storo, Diane Dunn and Shary Bell
Year Released: 2007

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