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Time Stops

thanks to: families and friends who have supported us: ade and co. at cafe brasil: yolanda and lush life productions; mama; george and frances wilkinson; tom hefko; jenny and allison and the p-cola crew; altaer believes; infinite creations; collier and friends at the fish house; anne jones; meredith leggett; tim stambaugh; parker dinkins; eileen at oasis; bobbie jean; cat and honey; leon and chris; flower hill; kozak; naboo; mark; aquanautilus; green tea


Ted Hefko tenor saxophone + flute, Curtis Joseph drums, Tom Leggett electric guitar + piano, Aaron Wilkinson electric bass + vocals, Johnny Marcia guest percussionist (tracks 3-5).

Year Released: 1999
Recorded and Mixed by Tim Stambaugh
Cover Art by Michelle Mize

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