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Dynasty DYR-1001

Southern Gold

I would like to thank first of all the almighty true god Jehovah for allowing me to accomplish this. I would like to thank my father, Albert L. Cormier, and my beautiful mother, Paul, for standing behind me an raising me to be an achiever. I will always love the both of you. I would like to thank my brother for taking the time out to produce and groom me. I would also like to thank my big Sis Yolanda for allowing "Mr. Newman" to do the things he does. I would like to thank my whole family for the love and support....

Executive Producer: Jimmy Wiley
produced by Marcus L. Cormier
All songs written by Marcus L. Cormier and Carlus M. Cormier for Adnaloy Pub. (BMI)
Design by Net-Step Media, Lafayette, La.
Photos by Steve Comeaux for Comeaux's Photography
Year Released: 1999

For further information contact:
Dynasty Records
128 Demande Blvd., Building 4, Suite 217, Lafayette, LA 70503