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Genome EJP3315

Pleasure Is Our Enemy

Thank you: Craig Lacour, Leo Futrell, Frances Johanson, Kelly Johanson, Danny Smith, Eversoul, Sugarhouse, Burton Gaar, George Hollinshead, Charles Darwin, Luis Vasquez, Monty Lamaze, Dave Youngblood, Ricky Jackson, Trey Huffman, Johnny Allen, Greg Mayo, Amber Hobbs, Eric Marshall, Brooks Emory, Bruce Flett, Brad Roberts, Larry Biehler, Bertrand Russell, the Ward family, the Johanson family, the Hobbs family, Erich Fromm, Les Whitt, Norml, Gary Perkins, George Orwell, John Perkins, Brian Brignac.


Eric Johanson on everything, except Craig Lacour drums on tracks 2, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13.

Produced by Eric Johanson
Year released: 2001
All selections written by Eric Johanson
Design by Frances Johanson
Photography by Greg Mayo

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Genome Records