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Tipitina's Endangered Species ENSP1707

Cyril Neville
New Orleans Cookin'

Welcome to the new millennium. This body of work is inspired by the spirits of my local musical heroes, the ones still live and giggin, as well as the ones who have become sacred ancestor spirits. I will name some, mainly in an attempt to keep them alive and present, if only in spirit. They are definitely a constant presence in my life. I am even blessed to have some of the ones still here in the physical world on this recording with me. What a blessing to have shared the studio with the undisputed Blues Queen of New Orleans, Ms. Marva Wright. I thank you, Marva, for your kindness, your graciousness, and your immense talent. And my man James Andrews, the Satchmo of the Ghetto (6th Ward-Treme to be exact) who took time off from his own projects to come in and lay some hot 6th Ward licks....

Year Released: 2000
Produced by Cyril Neville
Executive Producers: Cyril Neville and Roland von Kurnatowski
Photography by Earl Perry
Graphic Design by Greg Burgess
Enhanced media produced by 4 Sight Productions, LLC

For further information, contact:
Tom Thompson for Ruby Arts/8th Floor Management Group
P.O. Box 13766, New Orleans, LA 70185-3766
To contact Tipitina's Endangered Species Records
call Dan Frost at 504.483.001 or e-mail