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Endangered Species ES70116

Lil Rascals Brass Band
Buck It Like a Horse

Dedicated to the memory of Money-Mookie-Eldridge-Charles

Lil Rascals

Corey Henry trombone, Gregory Veals trombone, Dewan Scott trumpet, Bruce Craten trumpet, William Smith trumpet, Vincent Broussard saxophone, Jeffrey Hills tuba, Derrick Tabb snare drum, Terrence Andrews bass drum.
Also Appearing

Elliott "Stack Man" Callier saxophone, Kermit Ruffins trumpet, Ben Elman saxophone, Cyril Neville vocals + percussion, Nick Daniels vocals.
Year Released: 2001
Produced by Cyril Neville, Claude Bryant and The Little Rascals Brass Band
Executive Producer: Adam Shipley
Design and Layout: W. David Foster

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