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Flying Arf FAR-5984

Russell Walker
Top of Rock Bottom

Special thanks to Steve Grisaffe, Terry Dupuy and Windmill Recording for the long hours and hard work that was put into this album.
Thanks to all the musicians and their families who helped make this album possible: Steve Grisaffe, Tony Ardoin, Charles Ventre, Mike Burch, Richard Comeaux, Rick Newman, Bill Sellers, Gerald Romero, Phil Patterson, Scott Shaw and Joe Dick....


Rick Newman + Tony Ardoin lead guitar, Mike Burch + Gerald Romero drums, Steve Grisaffe bass, Charles Ventre + Chet Blackstone keyboards, Richard Comeaux steel, Bill Sellers harmonica + background vocals.

Produced by Steve Grisaffe and Terry Dupuy
Photography by Sandy Webb
Design, printing and manufacturing by Accupress, Ville Platte, LA
Year Released: 2000

For further information contact:
Flying Arf Records
62170 Jay Tract Road, Amite, LA 70422