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Flying Frog 0103

Silverwood Quartet
Silverwood 2: In Concert

We always hope that the fun we have performing will be apparent to our listeners. In that vein, we chose the "live" format for this CD. There is an energy level that is reached when performing for an audience that is difficult to reproduce in the studio. So, turn on the stereo, sit down, get comfortable, and imagine that we are playing just for you!


Andrea Bohnet flute + piccolo + alto flute + Irish flute + Celtic harp, Tom Morley violin, Jonathan Clark viola, Holly Compton cello


Paul McCartney: Three Pieces

W.A. Mozart: Quartet in D, K. 285

Gary Schocker: Child's Play

Gustav Holst: St. Paul's Suite

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Andra Bohnet + Tom Morley

For further information, contact:
Silverwood Quartet
PO Box 177, Fairhope, AL 36533