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Flying Frog 0401

Winter's Day

We are very excited to bring you Winter's Day, a Celtic celebration of winter and the holiday season. Although many of the tunes on this CD are associated with Christmas, some evoke other, older traditions, which were present in the Celtic nations before the coming of Christianity. In any case, the music is everything you expect from us - exquisite heartfelt airs, high energy jigs and reels that rock the house, and a few exotic surprises, We bet you'll enjoy this CD all year 'round!

Mithril Personnel

Tom Morley fiddle + guitar + mandolin + Irish bouzouki, Andra Bohnet Irish flute + whistle + A fife + Celtic harp, Ben Harper guitar + bass guitar + Irish flute, David Hughes percussion + harmonium + melodica. Additional personnel: Barbara Gabriel cello.
Year Released: 2004
Produced by Andra Bohnet + Tom Morley
Photo by D. Fran Morley
Original artwork by Pattie Miller
Celtic cross sculpture created by Stephanie Burks-Rochford

Contact Mithril at:
PO Box 177, Fairhope, AL 36533