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Flying Frog 2102

Silverwood Quartet
Gifts of the Season

As Christmas arrives every year, it carries additional significance for the musician beyond the love and joy of the holiday season. The annual midnight Masses, Messiahs, Nutcrackers, special concerts and church musical presentations are as much a part of our holiday activities as family gatherings and presents under the tree. So, when the Silverwood Quartet decided to record a Christmas CD, the first question considered in our planning was not "What do we want to put on it?" but rather "What do we NOT want to put on it?" We all had the opportunity to include those pieces that were dear to our hearts and to reject those that we had encountered a few too many times....


Andrea Bohnet flute + alto flute + piccolo + Irish flute + whistles + Celtic harp, Tom Morley violin, Jonathan Clark viola, Holly Compton cello

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Andra Bohnet + Tom Morley

For further information, contact:
Flying Frog Music
PO Box 177, Fairhope, AL 36533