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Flying Frog 2103

Mithril/Morley & Bohnet
Banish Misfortune

We tried to come up with a clever Gaelic name for our band, but that would require an explanation to most anyone outside of the west of Ireland. Most people know us as part of the Silverwood Quartet; as Mithril is "fantasy" silver (from the imagination of Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien), the name serves as an homage to Silverwood. But this CD also represents our fantasy band. Through real world magic of digital technology, the two of us play a variety of instruments on this CD (most at the same time), which means we can finally play all the melodies and countermelodies that we hear in our heads when the two of us perform live....


Tom Morley fiddle + guitar + classical guitar + mandolin + Irish bouzouki + viola + harmonium + bohdran, Andra Bohnet Irish flute + fife + whistles + bansuri + Celtic harp.

Year Released: 2002
Produced by Andra Bohnet + Tom Morley

For further information, contact Mithril at:
Flying Frog Music
PO Box 177, Fairhope, AL 36533