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Flying Frog FF444

For Minak Khangtsen
Tibetan Ritual Healing Chants

In its own way, Minak Khangtsen represents the unbreakable spirit of Tibetan Buddhism.

Minak Khangtsen, one of the groups that makes up Drepung Monastery, is famous for having great teachers and abbots; it also gave birth to the head of the yellow hat sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

For more than 500 years, since its establishment in 1416 a.d., Drepung Monastery in Tibet was the largest monastery in the world with more than 7,000 monks.

But beginning in 1959, the monastery was systematically destroyed by the invading Chinese Communist armies. Its artwork was destroyed, and most of its teachers and students, young and old, were killed or imprisoned.

Only one monk from the Minak Khangtsen group was able to escape this brutal holocaust. From many to just one, but it was enough. Minak Khangtsen was reborn in India....


Chantings by Geshe Thupten Dorjee, Phuntsok Tsundus, and Tenzin Lhundrup.

Silverwood Quartet: Tom Morley violin + octave mandolin + percussion, Andra Bohnet flute + bansuri (bamboo flute) + harp, Jonathan Clark viola, Holly Compton cello.

Four Fancies - Gordon Jacob

Year Released: 2001
Produced by Tom Morley
Co-produced by Andra Bohnet

For further information, contact:
Geshe Dorjee
PO Box 617, Fairhope, AL 36533
Flying Frog Music
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