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Flying Harp FH002

Nikki and Rose Anne

Why this Collection is called RESCUE: We have selected these Hymns partly because they deal with the theme of Rescue which runs through religion generally, but even more because they are not sung enough these days. Most of them have been popular with the singing public over the years — or at least popular with that portion of the public that sing hymns for whatever reason. Some have been an integral part of church worship. Some have been a part of of family singing at close of day or on reunion occasions. Most have fallen from public notice, and we feel they should come back. Since it is our hope that they will come back into the popular folk-singing repertoire, we give not only the lyrics here, but the keys in which they are recorded on this disc. We include chords to some of the songs when they are the least bit unusual. We hope they will give you as much pleasure as they have given us in the making of them.

Produced by NARP
Graphic design by Mary Davis, Abita Springs, La.
Manufactured by Crescent Music Services,
Year Released: 2008

For further information:
NARP (Nikki and Rose Anne's Partnership),
200 N. Columbia Street, Covington, LA 70433
Tel: 985.892.4024