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Zymondo GI0101

George Keys
Right at Home in New Orleans

After 30 plus years on keyboards including Hammond Organs, Wurlitzer & Rhodes electric pianos, Moogs, ARPs & all the rest of the umpteen synths I've been through, my music has come full circle. Except for being digital instead of acoustic, I'm back to the ol' 88s where I started in 1964. Grampa Jofeaux Keys was always saying "keep playing that music boy!"... then he'd go out and play his B-3 all night long. He sure loved to play. I learned a lot about music from Grampa Jofeaux and from working with the many New Orleans greats like the Neville brothers, Charmaine Neville, Wild Tchoupitoulas Indians, Ernie K. Doe, Jean "toot-toot" Knight, Irma Thomas, Willie Locket & the Bluz Crew and all those folks that make our New Orleans music so very special and so well known around the world.

Produced by George Izquierdo and Joseph Vincent
Photo credits: Dorothy Ann Loper and Oak Lea
Graphic Design: Oak Lea/Keepsake Productions, Inc.
Year Released: 1999

For further information:
George Keys
c/o Zymondo Music, P.O. Box 19384, New Orleans, LA 70179