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John Berthelot
A Retrospective

"I've been around a long time and I'd like to be remembered as someone who did something," John Berthelot comments about his decision to compile this career anthology. It's a characteristically modest statement by a man whose five decades in music include doing many somethings, and doing all of them quite well. Berthelot's eclectic resume includes sophisticated jazz composition and arranging, record production, songwriting, teaching music, and a stint as an R&B sideman. Blessed with good business sense alongside creativity, Berthelot founded his own record company, Great Southern, releasing a wide variety of Louisiana music for nearly two decades. He also assisted other small independent companies around the nation by forming Saint Expedite Distributing Company to sell their products regionally. For nine years he ran the record tent at Jazzfest. Amidst all this varied activity, in an industry rife with scoundrels, John Berthelot has long maintained an impeccable reputation....

Year Released: 2010
For further information, write c/o
Great Southern Record Company
A Division of Tuff City Records
5020 Hastings Street, Metairie, LA 70006