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Gert Town GT1119

Andrei Codrescu
Valley of Christmas

The Players

Glenn Patscha, Andre Codrescu, Tracey Freeman, Patti Perret, Saeko Terano, Charmaine Neville, Marvin Williams, Mark Bingham, Kenneth Raphael, Dave Cappello, Camille Bullock, Willie Schwarz, Evil Nurse Sheila, Tristan Codrescu, Bill Milkowski, John Sinclair, Eva Earls, Howard Thompson, Thane Tierney, Jeremy Davenport, David Molk, Jessica Levith, Kate Labouisse, Naakoshie Mills, Rachel Jordon, Robin Williams, Nori Shiote, Mem Shannon

All music composed and arranged by Mark Bingham except "Pastoral Valley" composed by Glenn Patscha and "Christmas Everyday" composed by Mark Bingham and Glenn Patscha
All music published by Ti Bon Ange
Produced by Mark Bingham
Year Released: 1997

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