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Gert Town GT1120

Charmaine Neville
Queen of the Mardi Gras


Charmaine Neville vocals + percussion + vocal arrangements, Reggie Houston baritone + alto + soprano saxes + percussion + whistle, Amasa Miller piano + whistle, Tony Hall bass + whistle, Raymond Weber drums + percussion + whistle, Glenn Patscha B-3 organ + whistle, Michael Ward congas, June Yamagichi guitar, Mark Bingham 2nd guitar + 3rd keyboard, Shawnell T. Lymons vocals, Jacqueline K. Hardy vocals, Katrice New bill vocals, Jawna Williams vocals

Produced by Mark Bingham
Year Released: 1998

Gert Town Records
8359 Fig Street, New Orleans, LA 70118
Tel: (504) 866-2863, 866-7333 (fax)