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Hightone HCD8174

Clarence "Gatemouth' Brown

If it were necessary to identify one individual who best represents American Music in all of its idioms and styles... one who could single-handedly play the soundtrack that has sprung forth from a nation born of hopes, sweat, fears, blood, misdeeds and glory... a land that grew an unheralded voice as it expanded westward and cultures clashed, cultures united, cultures bore new means of expressing their emotions - things called blues, jazz, honky-tonk and Cajun - if we needed one person who lives and breathes all things American music and can present it in all its varied glory... Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown is that person. - Dante Dominick ©2004 Rockzillaworld Magazine

Produced by Clarence Brown and Jim Bateman
A Real Records Production
Production Coordinator: Michelle Cothern
Graphic Design: Cheryl Craig
Wood Carving: Murphy Antoine
Original Cover Painting: David Craig
Special Thanks to Lance Cowan
Year Released: 2004

For further information:
Hightone Records, 220 4th Street #101, Oakland, CA 94607