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Spring HF0001

Various Artists
Hammond Fest 2002 - At the Crossroads

Upon starting this project I began thinking of what it is that makes Hammond and its surrounding area special. I first visited here from West Texas on my 21st birthday back in '93 and little did I know at the time that this was soon to be my home. It was here that I went to college, met my wife, and found my best friends/brothers/bandmates, and really began to develop as a musician. After pondering my few years here I think one thing that stands out is that this is a place where all kinds of things come together, even if just for moments. This coming together of people, ideas, and influence has produced a regional sound that is truly unique. It is my hope that his project and projects like this will give folks a look into some of the awesome music that this region is producing....

Compilation Produced by Crispin Schroeder
Year Released: 2002

Sponsored by
Benson Skin Wellness Institute, and
The Northshore Regional Endowment for the Arts
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