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Category Seven IMT061198

Iris May Tango
Let 'Em Have It


Yours Truly Chaddy 1 P.U.S. vocals, Keng vocals, Robert Wagner (Sweet Daddy Wags) saxophones + piano + vocals, Rene (R2D2) Duffourc guitars + vocals, Andrew Wolf (WerdnaFlow) bass + vocals, Kevin of the Day drums + vocals. Also Dave Sobel drums, Brady Kisch bass, DJ Kamaal turntables. See below for additional personnel.

All compositions by Iris May Tango
Produced by Iris May Tango
Engineered by Richard Bird at Audiophile Studios
Cover Art: Lionel Milton
Year Released: 1998

For further information, contact:
Iris May Tango
P.O. Box 58871, New Orleans, LA 70158
Tel: 504.945.0123