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Jumping Man JM0012

Bart Ramsey + Neti Vaan
Little Red Wagon

Special thanks to all the great musicians and artists who contributed their talent to this record, with a double dose to Tim Stambaugh, Rob Halvorson, Louie Ludwig, Peer Wassenaar and Andrew Cronshaw for their time, expertise and patience. Thanks to Lon & Willie, Henny & Jack, Maria Stambaugh, Anne Hessing, Sean & Saeko, Hambone Jenkins, Jim Charbonnet, Coleman Kelly, Kat & Alexei, Deborah Decker, Jenny Gardner and Neal Cherry. Also to Naomi Russell, Mixel Ducau, Reothy Gabor, John Campbell, Carolyn Finnell, Diana Thornton, Kapa Horn, Evelyn Hoffman, Elliet Mackrell and Doc Rowe... as well as all the rest on either side who zinged, zanged and zung. This album is dedicated to everyone who listens to it.

Year Released: 1999

For further information, contact
Jumping Man Music
2527 Marengo Street, New Orleans, LA 70115
Tel: 504.895.8678