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Seize Tomorrow KDST-01

Kaye Dorian
In Time

This album is dedicated to my grandparents with appreciation for their ineffable amount of love.

There are so many to whom I am grateful, for without them I would not be singing today. To my husband Charles, thank you for being my biggest fan. Ah, at last, Mom and Dad, can you believe it? Thank you for your constant love and support. John, Stephen, Patrick and Paulette, you have taught me more than most ever have the chance to learn. Thank you Grandpa for your gift of music, and Granny for the love that embraces each note. To the Sabatier family I offer a boisterous "hosada in the holic." Mama Bea, for being my loudest fan. Uncle Doug for putting your money where my mouth is, and Sue Sue and Chris for always believing....


Kaye Dorian vocals, James Singleton bass, Loren Pickford piano, Geoff Clapp drums, David Ellington piano (#2, #3), Joshua Paxton piano (#11), Scott Bourgeois alto sax, Eric Traub tenor sax, Steve Suter trombone, Grant Harris trumpet

Produced by Kaye Dorian
Year Released: 1999

For further information contact:
Seize Tomorrow Productions
5721 Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA 70115
Tel: 504.891.3613